Admin Bar Theme Switcher

I was looking for a way to demo themes the other day and found that most theme switch plugins were largely out of date and didn’t work correctly with current versions of WordPress. The one that worked the best was Theme Switcher which added a widget to allow switching. The problem with this was that not all themes call their widget areas the same. Switch to a different theme and the widget disappears leaving you with no way to switch to another theme.

With the advent of the admin bar in WordPress 3.0, it seemed like a logical place to put it and it will work across all aspects of the site. This plugin adds a new drop-down called Theme Switch that gives you a list of all installed themes.

The Theme Switcher menu item allows you choose an installed theme from the dropdown.

The Theme Switcher drop down with lots of themes installed.

You can grab a copy from the WordPress plugin repo or install from Add New Plugins (Search for “admin bar theme switcher”).

3 Responses to “Admin Bar Theme Switcher”

  1. Jawwad
    Jul 01, 2011


    Its a great plugin man really lovveeee it! :)

    Using it on a blog I am testing at the moment. It is working if I am logged in.

    Is there a way the theme switcher shows if i am logged out ?

    Please let me know.



    • Ryan
      Jul 01, 2011

      It uses the admin bar in WordPress. That means you have to be logged in.

      • Jawwad
        Jul 01, 2011

        Hi Ryan,

        Thank you for the quick response.

        I am using another plugin (wordpress-admin-bar-improved) which shows the top admin bar.

        Take a look at the blog its in testing phase

        If I am not logged in, it shows the login area and I like to show the theme switcher with that if possible.

        Thanks again

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